How to Remove Cydia from your iPhone?

Cydia is the most favorite thing for all those who love jailbreaking iPhone. But there could be times you feel like removing Cydia from the device. But how? This is our complete guide on How to Remove Cydia and get back on the stock frame. I hope this would find useful for you all in your turns to jailbreak and Cydia download.

how to remove Cydia

How to Remove Cydia?

As you might have already aware, installing Cydia can only be done through complete jailbreak. So for that, you need the compatible jailbreak tool. But did you ever know you have safe methods to remove Cydia from iPhone? Yes, there are. So here we are going through them comprehensively.

Upgrading the latest firmware

As you might have already aware, upgrading the firmware from where you are to the latest version signs at the moment is one of the ways you can remove Cydia from the device. In fact, jailbreak and Cydia are about firmware you are running. So in case if you change the firmware, it directly influences on the state of jailbreak and Cydia. So if you do not care about Cydia on device and jailbreaking once again, you can easily upgrade the firmware to available latest by removing jailbreak rights away from the device.

Use Cydia Eraser

How to Remove Cydia from your iPhone?

Cydia eraser is a very useful tool by Saurik through which you could simply remove Cydia from your device. The importance of this tool is it really works for the need without causing no other troubles. So Cydia Eraser is the only way you can remove Cydia from the device without upgrading your firmware. If you pick this way as your move to remove Cydia, you have another chance to jailbreak iOS once again. So make sure you pick the best way that fits your requirements.

The end

Cydia is the best result from complete iOS jailbreak opening your device to a lot of opportunities. So if you have jailbreak privileges, it is the best way to change the entire look and feel of your iOS device. But in case if you feel like having Cydia no more, you here too have solutions. So choose upgrading the firmware or Cydia Eraser Download free from Saurik. Both these ways work for the right need but in two different ways. So pick the right option and enjoy your iOS run well.

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