KeenLab demo for iOS 11 jailbreak

Now it is near one month of the event WWDC 2017, held and within the Conference Apple introduced their latest upcoming products. Of course, within those new products when we focus on the iPhone operating system the now it is in the testing period. So, based on the existing details now most of the iDebvice users are focusing on the features and the changes of this massive 11th update. On the other side, just before two weeks of the keynote release for the 11th chapter hackers got success to blast it. Yes, for the jailbreak lovers now there was an iOS 11 jailbreak demo is available.  Well, if you are focusing more on those relevant facts you can go through this simple guide.

iOS 11 jailbreajk

An overview of iOS 11 download

As I mentioned ago within the WWDC 2017, Apple introduced about their 11th iPhone Operating system chapter and after that, they released their first developer beta to the paid developers. And as usual, within two weeks of the first beta, they rolled out the 2nd developer beta too. So, the paid developers who have the ownership of Apple testing program now can use these betas. After that, now it has passed few days of the 01st public beta release to the public testers. Actually, this public beta is same as the 2nd developer betas features. Of course, if you wish to know more about the massive 11th firmware it has introduced more new features and changes. Rather than that, mention that this Time Apple company focused top improve the productivity of the iPad devices. Well, if you wish here are some if the highlighted features of the upcoming 11th iPhone operating system.

Features of 11th iPhone OS

  • Camera app enhancements with live photo and more
  • Keyboard enhancements with one handed typing, switch control typing modifications and more
  • Map app modifications including lane change guide, zoom with one hand and etc
  • Message app modifications with business chat preview, Echo, & Spotlight effects, redesigned app drawer and more
  • Safari improvements with Siri suggestions, find word definitions and more
  • News app improvements with new spotlight tab and more
  • Siri improvements including Language translation, new voices for male and female and more

iOS 11 jailbreak

Story behind iOS 11 jailbreak

Whatever Apple offers with their latest firmware chapters there were some iDevice users they couldn’t satisfy with those features. Yes, they wish to have the jailbreak access for their iDevice to enjoy the maximum with it. Really, jailbreak access is the bridge to reach the Cydia download. Within Cydia, you can customize the device and be the real owner of your device. So, if as a jailbreak lover you seeking for the ability to enjoy iOS 11 jailbreak thanks to the KeenLab now you have the first jailbreak demo for the 11th chapter. Of course, in last week the Mobile Security Conference has held in Shanghai. So, most of the jailbreak fans aware of this event to know more about the current jailbreak status and the Pangu 10.3.1.

But amazingly Pangu team haven’t mentioned anything related Pangu 10.3.1 or jailbreak iOS 11.But the KeenLab team also known as Keen team demoed about iOS 11 and 10.3.2 jailbreak demo. Yes, this has revealed by the security engineer Min Zheng, with a Twitter post. According to him, the Keen team got success to jailbreak 2 iPhones with iOS 11 beta and current 10.3.2 and one iPhone 6S with current 10.3.2. Further, they able to run Cydia on the devices too. Therefore, based on the available details experts explore that the demo is a relation to semi-untethered method. so, after each and every reboot user needs to re-jailbreak the device.

iOS 11 jailbreak

Will iOS 11 jailbreak release?

Of course, after the demo now Cydia lovers eager to know that will Keen team focus on this and released a final cracking tool to the public. Yes, at the moment we can;t surely mention anything about that. Sometimes, they will focus to begin a new iOS 11 jailbreak chapter. Anyhow, need to mention that, 11th firmware is still in its early testing period. So, it has high chances for weak points. Within further, developments the firmware will be more stable. So, in my point of view don’t rely more on this demo, wait and see what will happen in future.

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