Cydia download for iOS 12.4 and iOS 13

So we are looking if Unc0ver supports the two highest versions for us to become jailbroken. Of course, you can Cydia download iOS 12.4 with the latest tool version. But it cannot let you come across the 13th OS for several reasons. Because of 12.4 still capable to sign in, you do not have to worry about remain with 13. Just downgrade from the beta to the complete 12.4 and become broken to download Cydia right away. Since the 13th OS is a beta version that has a couple of stages to pass to turn into a complete chapter, you cannot use Unc0ver there. And even developer Pwn20wnd either did not confirm that the latest version capable to break the security wall of iOS 13.

cydia download

Cydia download for Unc0ver jailbreak

Between the two tools that we currently have on our hands for the same iOS 12 to 12.4 array as Chimera and Unc0ver, this is the only method that offers Cydia while Chimera is with the Sileo app. Sileo is the all-new Cydia alternative with all the features that you wish to gain through the Cydia package. And even the best thing is unlike any other Cydia alternative, Chimera capable to let you arrange repositories that you love and play without any barrier. Moreover, though you are with the Sileo app, still you have the possibility of download Cydia on your jailbroken iDevice.

Although we still look forward toCydia download behind jailbreaking, reports about the developer Jay Freeman say that we cannot expect an update of Cydia substrate even in future.

cydia download

Cydia download for iOS 13

So we are with iOS 13. But there are a couple of days to welcome the public release of the version. However, we are going to remind you about Luca Todesco’s posts that brought a couple of details regarding its jailbreak possibility. A few days ago, it was iOS 13 beta 8 as the final seed that he proved as a breakable chapter. So it seems even the closest seeds too got applicable security holes that eager us to stay tuned to deal with a public jailbreak in the future. Let’s patiently remain for the Golden Master update and the public version of iOS 13. Though we cannot confirm the release date or something, we can hopefully remain for a perfect offer of hackers. Stay tuned.

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