Can you hope Cydia iOS 11 chapter soon?

Finally, after ten beta editions, the 11th iOS firmware was live onwards 19th of September. Of course, after the passed WWDC conference the whole iOS community was arrested by this major firmware iteration. Actually, as like the other major updates after download iOS 11, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can enjoy more cool features. Anyhow according to the remaining facts still 10% of the iOS users have upgraded their devices. Of course, others waiting to know more about the chapters functioning and really the jailbreak fans were seeking to know about the ability to Cydia iOS 11. So, here we have gathered all the possible facts with this quick round-up.

Cydia iOS 11

On the last 12th of September apple Company has introduced lots of their latest Apple Product to the society including the iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, LTE updated Apple watch and 4K Apple TV. Among them, the iPhone X release has become the biggest launch. Actually, they offer it to Celebrate the 10th iPhone Anniversary. So, with the X product, they have included more cool features that you may never be experienced before. And the latest iPhone is functioning with the newest eleventh iOS edition. So when the both features join together you can have an amazing journey. But if you really if you are Cydia fan then it will not good for you. Becuase with that, you haven’t the access to Cydia download yet.

iOS 11 Cool features in Brief

Really, if you are desire to download iPhone OS 11 to your iDevice then you need to be with iPhone 5S or later, iPod Toch 6G, or iPad Mini 2 or later. Then you have the access to enjoy its cool features. You have the update notification automatically. If not head to Settings> General> Software update and automatically do that. The update was around 2GB. On the ground, you need to have large space on your device. For your convenience here I have listed down some of the features of the firmware.

Cydia iOS 11

  • Camera App improvements with scan QR codes, new icon
  • CarPlay with “Do not While driving feature” and more
  • Customizable Control Center with new Cellular data, Personal Hotspot toggle and more
  • Imessages with Business chat, One-Handed KeyBoard, redesigned iMessage App store
  • Music App with Small Lyrics, music App sharing feature and more
  • Maps with Indoor maps for AirPort and shopping mall, Line guidance and More
  • New File App with the access for other cloud services, Save directly to devise etc.
  • Note App features with pining, New updated icon, Table option and more
  • Photos improvements with GIFs support, Live Photo improvements and more
  • Redesigned App Store with new icon, App pages, featured stories Etc
  • Safari Browser with view control UI tweaks and more
  • Siri Advancements with Language Translations, Natural Male, and female voice, Type to Siri, etc.
  • Weather App with shadow redesigned Weather UI

Cydia iOS 11 readiness

Of course, whatever Apple Provide with their firmware it didn’t care the Cydia fans, they wish to know the Cydia iOS 11 ability before they upgrade to the great chapter. Actually, if they haven’t the access to Cydia download, then they were not ready to upgrade the device. On the ground, in the current days, Cydia community aware to gather details about the cracking possibility of the 11th chapter. Anyhow, sorry to say that after the Keen team demo in the beta edition, no hackers got success to find another exploit. Really, no need to disappoint about that. Because, in future, sometimes hackers may be got success to find a way to jailbreak the latest iOS chapter.

Cydia iOS 11

Anyhow, if you are eager to Enjoy the features of the 11th firmware, then you have the access to use them via the remaining jailbreak Tweaks. Of course, you can head to Cydia world to enjoy those latest eleveth iOS edition featured Cydia apps with your beloved jailbroken iDevice. While enjoying them you can stay tuned with us to have more fresh updates related to Cydia iOS 11 and the other relevant updates.


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