Cydia Download for Android with advanced features

Cydia is the world’s largest third-party app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod users. There is no other way to download Cydia for iOS unless jailbreak. Tons of tweaks and themes are there that you can install on your jailbroken iDevice to customize and enhance its possibilities. However, this is about Cydia download for Android. If you are an Android user and looking for how to bring the world’s largest app store on your iDevice, follow this guide.

cydia for Android

Cydia download for Android

First of all, just note that Cydia can only have on an iPhone when it becomes jailbroken. Without jailbreak permission, you cannot bring it there. Then how we can bring the same on out Android Smartphone or Tablet? The truth is you cannot bring Cydia on your Android as a third-party app store at all. But there are Cydia alternatives for both non-jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Android devices. App stores like TweakBox, TutuApp, AppValley, Appland and so on are the alternative suggestions on many sources.

If you wish more than that, then you can go through root permission. So it will let you enter administrative level privileges completely and download any kind of app without barriers. Like iDevices got Cydia, we have to deal with root managerial apps like SuperSU and SuperUser. But they do not stand as third-party app stores. So you have to download apps on your device separately. But remember that root Android should apply at your own risk.

Root Android Smartphone

There are many public rooting tools on the web that you can easily find out. Most of those are free. And the same like when you become jailbroken, you can bring various apps that can only install when your device enters root permission.

Boost the device, save battery, uninstall stock apps, block ads in apps, flash custom ROM, customize the operating system and many others can do simply using root permission instead of Cydia. So the truth is you do not have a way to bring Cydia on your Smartphone. It is the only iOS that capable to bring Cydia. And even Apple devices too should jailbreak. All Android devices can do is root their devices or else use third-party app stores.

Wrapping up

The Android root is not complex when you have the correct rooting tool with you. It is not that easy to find out an applicable utility and even a free package from the web. So, find out it and expand the device performance and enjoy the true freedom.

How to jailbreak Xbox One?

In simply, Xbox is a gaming console and that proudly presented by Microsoft. It was in 2005 that they offered the initial release of Xbox globally. Those who know Sony PS series know that Xbox is the best competitor among them. However, it seems the developer recently offered streaming services, applications, Game Studios production arm and Live online service. Most of the interesting games that many players gather are paid and expensive. But there is a way to bring all those loved gamed for totally free on your console. For that, you have to jailbreak Xbox one. Let’s see how to go through?

jailbreak xbox one

Guide to jailbreak Xbox one

Jailbreak is an interesting way when you got a reason that you cannot reach being a normal user. It may be because of paid games that you waste your money on or something else. In my opinion, jailbreak Xbox one will increase its possibilities and let you go through an interesting gaming journey.

There are a couple of ways to bring jailbreak permission on your Xbox one. Therefore, you should pick up the best for you by going through each method. JTAG, Jailbreak and Booster are a few from those popular methods. But you must carefully bring the utility for some utilities will not properly jailbreak the device.

Jailbreak Xbox one using JTAG tool

This is a special tool that can modify the stock ROM of your Xbox into a custom ROM. Once turn into jailbroken, you can freely bring all those games on your console for totally free. Although we have several methods, JTAG is one of the easiest ways to apply. Simply copy those gamed to the hard drive of Xbox and enjoy it. And JTAG has a special feature that lets the user play games without a game disk.

  • Download JTAG tool latest version
  • And then use WinRAR to extract the package
  • Now create the Xbox folder and XMOD folder in it
  • And then copy and paste XBOXMOD file on the XMOD folder that created above
  • After that, connect a USB drive to the PC and copy the XBOX folder in it
  • Now unplug the USB drive and connect it to the Xbox one
  • Navigate to the Settings section from its menu
  • Select the System Update option and search for a new update
  • The notification of the JTAG Mod will display
  • And then accept terms and conditions and set up JTAG right away

It may take around 15 minutes and end the process with a notification of your success. Once it will shut down after three beep sounds, you can power on and check its status

Everything about PS4 Jailbreak Games

If you are with a Play Station 4, there is nothing to state how amazing it is and how great to spend your leisure with such an advanced device. The 1TB hard drive stands there for a perfect performance. You can connect with Music, Games and TV simply using your PS4 for a wonderful experience than just sit on your PC, TV or just play a game on your phone. However, we are going to let you know something far from that. It is PS4 jailbreak games. Yes, you can jailbreak Play Station 4 and download more and more games in it including advanced features. Here we go.

ps4 jailbreak

More about PS4 jailbreak

We should know what is jailbreak before anything else? We usually use this term to clarify a process that supports us to remove barriers from devices using a specifically arranged tool. After that, we are free to download many things and even expand the capability of the device. Likewise, there is a way to jailbreak PS4 as well. With that, users can download more games on their PS4. And you can arrange further features as well. When you are in the track, there is nothing to clarify. But if this not familiar, you must get to know what is jailbreak and how to apply it?

PS4 jailbreak games

So then you may excite to know what are the games that you can download on your device? Of course, there is a long list of games for jailbroken users. If there is a game that you love but cannot arrange on your Play Station, this is the best way to get rid of such conditions and install those blocked games simply on your device. And you can find out more and more games that specifically introduced for jailbroken PS4 and enjoy your leisure.

Final words

It is important to make sure about your device and its version compatibility before jailbreak your PS4. And even do not jailbreak if you are not confident. Games that you could not bring closer can arrange on your device once it becomes jailbroken. There are several methods for various versions. So find out the way that fits for your device conditions. It is not complicated when you are with proper instructions. And for you have long lists of free games, do not stick to the odd frame. Jailbreak and welcome those interesting deals on your device.

How to download Cydia jailbreak iOS 8.1.3?

We cannot forget those developers who surround the jailbreak community since far namely Evasi0n, Taig, Pangu and so on. If you were there for long, you should remember that Pangu 9 was the final chapter of the jailbreak story and that offered direct installations. Starting from Yalu 10, we were working with Cydia Impactor to sideload apps using IPA packages. However, the capacity and the amazing standing of Cydia never change because of such reasons. After a long, we brought you a story of Cydia jailbreak iOS 8.1.3. If you were with 8.1.3, it is time to renew your device and even bring iOS 13 features too on your device simply using Cydia.

cydia jailbreak ios 8.1.3

How to Cydia jailbreak iOS 8.1.3?

As we hark back, it was an enormous Taig team behind the jailbroken iOS 8.0 chapter. They were the competitor of Taig at that time being one of the popular Chinese based iOS hacking teams. However, iOS 8.0 was their final offer as many of jailbreakers said goodbye to the jailbreak community for some reason.

And now, using respective versions of Taig, we can jailbreak any iDevice running iOS 8 to iOS 8.3 up to iPhone 6. The final and the latest version they offered was 2.3.0 according to reliable reports.

Compatible device list

Check out if your device too is there as a compatible device of Taig 8.

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s
  • iPod touch 5th Generation
  • iPad mini 1 (1st G iPad mini), iPad mini 2 (Retina iPad mini), iPad mini 3
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4

How to jailbreak?

  • First of all, arrange a complete backup of your iDevice using iCloud or iTunes
  • And then download the latest version of Taig on your Windows machine
  • Compile a connectable USB or lightning cable
  • Disable your passcode and Touch ID from Settings
  • Unzip Taig file and use Run as an Administrator option to run the exe file
  • It will lead to open the user interface of the tool
  • So you can use the compiled cable and connect your device in it
  • Make sure that the device detected properly before go ahead
  • Follow instructions of the display
  • At the end of the process, you will be able to download Cydia. Use the icon on your Home to launch it and install Cydia tweaks on your device 

Top free Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3

You may doubt, why there is a post about iOS 9.3.3 as it is being a couple of years. In my opinion, not any iOS version getting old until we have jailbreak support. Thanks to team Pangu, the entire iOS 9.0 became a jailbroken chapter that even could download Cydia.  And even the Cydia app store offered thousands of deals for users those who passed the level. This is a list of Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3, that can offer you interesting features. Once go through Pangu 9.3.3, you can bring all these on your iDevice and enjoy it. You have both paid and free options in Cydia. Of course, you may encounter some features that can install using Cydia Impactor. But these will be easier to install and even will offer you more features than that.

cydia tweaks ios 9.3.3

A list of Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3

We are glad to create a list of compatible jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 9.3.3. All these are completely free that any user of iOS 9.3.3 can set up.

  • 20 Second Lockscreen
  • Activator
  • 3DNoLag
  • Alkaline
  • AlwaysMore for Spotlight
  • Appendix
  • AppColorClose
  • Apple File Conduit “2”
  • BerryC8
  • Bars
  • BetterFiveIonDock
  • BetterFiveColumnHomescreen
  • BlurryBadges
  • Bloard
  • BreadcrumbsAway
  • BottomBar
  • BreadcrumbsAway
  • Bytafont 3
  • Browser Changer
  • CCBackground
  • Cask
  • CCColor
  • CCSettings
  • CCMeters
  • CCLoaders
  • CCircle
  • CCDeseperator
  • Cream
  • CircleIcons
  • Cylinder
  • Cuttlefish
  • DetailedBattryUsage
  • Ethos
  • DeleteForver
  • FaceDown
  • FlashRing
  • FlatSafariURL
  • Folder6Plus
  • Floater
  • FullFolder9
  • Goodges
  • GlowBadge
  • Harbor
  • GrabberApp8
  • HotDog
  • iCleaner
  • iConBounce
  • iConArt
  • incognito Messages
  • IconRenamer
  • InstaBetter
  • LastApp
  • KeyboardVibrate8
  • LockGlyph
  • MinimalHUD
  • Messages Customiser
  • Mobius
  • MTerminal
  • NCColor
  • MultiIconMover
  • NCIfNeeded
  • NCReveal9
  • PhoneAppNoFav
  • NoAppStoreRedirect
  • PowerTap
  • PM, Really?
  • PhoneAppNoFav
  • PriorityHUB
  • PullToRespring
  • RePower
  • Record ‘n Torch
  • ReturnToSender
  • RoundDock
  • RomanPasscode
  • SafariCloseAllTabs
  • SafariTabCount
  • SafariRefresh
  • SendDelay
  • StatusBarColor
  • SpotlightBeGone
  • SpinSettings
  • Speed Intensifier
  • SmoothCursor
  • SwipeForMore
  • StatusModifier
  • StatusBarTimer
  • SwipyFolders
  • SwipeSelection
  • TapTapFlip
  • Tactful
  • TransparentDock
  • Unlock Sound
  • Wink
  • Zeppelin
  • VintageSwitcher

Wrapping up

You can find out more as there is no limitation. Even Cydia Tweaks get often updates to expand the apps store. If you still could not jailbreak iOS 9.3.3, you missed so many amazing deals. And even you can turn your older device into an iOS 13 type one simply using Cydia tweaks. For that, all you have to confirm is your jailbreak permission. As the final application released to the audience, team Pangu offered you a Safari based option as well. So you can go through the computer based application or direct app and download Cydia to enhance your device. You can expand this list with more apps, games and themes once you become jailbroken. 

Best Cydia Tweaks of 2020

We brought you another great report of best Cydia tweaks for the year 2020. Though it is being a few months from the starting point of the year, we have a lot to talk about. Thanks to developers of amazing jailbreak tools like Chimera and Unc0ver, we could reach the top of our journey. Once become a jailbroken user, you have Cydia and Sileo there to support you with all jailbroken features. However, in this story, we want to let you know a list of best Cydia tweaks. You will surely encounter a few or more than that that still could not capture. Here we go.

best cydia tweaks

The list of best Cydia tweaks


Slide to Power off is the only option that you will encounter when you are behind the shutdown menu. Using Home and Power buttons, you can restart the device. But for it seems not convenient, use POWERDOWN tweak to cover it with new Respring, Reboot and Safe mode options.


This is for those users with iOS 10.2. The usual limitations of iOS will not let you arrange or remove toggles. But when you are with this Cydia tweak, you can add or remove toggles like Personal Hotspot, Low power and Cellular data.


This is our third Cydia tweak on the list. Users with iOS 12 can use this as a perfect feature. They are Multi-Center, Hot Corners and Quick Switcher as popular features of the app.


This is one of the popular and very useful offers of Cydia Tweaks. When you were working on your iDevice and receive a call, it will not cover the entire display of the device. A bar will simply appear without bothering you. This too can arrange when your device running iOS 12.


This is known to be another amazing feature of developers for iOS 12. If you were looking for gestures of iPhone X on your older iPhone or iPad, this would be the best deal.


If you need to arrange a rotation video player button on your iOS 11.3.1 running jailbroken device, this is the jailbreak app that fits you. Watch videos with this app will be easier than prior.


It is not that easy to customize notification badges on an iDevice when it is far from jailbreak permission. But you can use COLOUR BADGES tweak to customize then without any bother when you become jailbroken. 

How to Remove Cydia from your iPhone?

Cydia is the most favorite thing for all those who love jailbreaking iPhone. But there could be times you feel like removing Cydia from the device. But how? This is our complete guide on How to Remove Cydia and get back on the stock frame. I hope this would find useful for you all in your turns to jailbreak and Cydia download.

how to remove Cydia

How to Remove Cydia?

As you might have already aware, installing Cydia can only be done through complete jailbreak. So for that, you need the compatible jailbreak tool. But did you ever know you have safe methods to remove Cydia from iPhone? Yes, there are. So here we are going through them comprehensively.

Upgrading the latest firmware

As you might have already aware, upgrading the firmware from where you are to the latest version signs at the moment is one of the ways you can remove Cydia from the device. In fact, jailbreak and Cydia are about firmware you are running. So in case if you change the firmware, it directly influences on the state of jailbreak and Cydia. So if you do not care about Cydia on device and jailbreaking once again, you can easily upgrade the firmware to available latest by removing jailbreak rights away from the device.

Use Cydia Eraser

How to Remove Cydia from your iPhone?

Cydia eraser is a very useful tool by Saurik through which you could simply remove Cydia from your device. The importance of this tool is it really works for the need without causing no other troubles. So Cydia Eraser is the only way you can remove Cydia from the device without upgrading your firmware. If you pick this way as your move to remove Cydia, you have another chance to jailbreak iOS once again. So make sure you pick the best way that fits your requirements.

The end

Cydia is the best result from complete iOS jailbreak opening your device to a lot of opportunities. So if you have jailbreak privileges, it is the best way to change the entire look and feel of your iOS device. But in case if you feel like having Cydia no more, you here too have solutions. So choose upgrading the firmware or Cydia Eraser Download free from Saurik. Both these ways work for the right need but in two different ways. So pick the right option and enjoy your iOS run well.

Cydia dpkg locked – How to fix?

Today we are going to narrate one of the essential topics that jailbreakers should bookmark and that related to a common Cydia error. It called Cydia dpkg locked, which usually happens for partial or else invalid package installations on your iPhone or iPad. Because it is such an irritating error, you will not be able to perform anything throughout Cydia until you fix it right away. Of course, you can fix this completely simply with an iTunes restore. But then you have to stay far from all you had previous for it will surely remove all your data from the device. So we have something beyond that, which will help you to resolve the issue even without face any trouble.

cydia dpkg locked

Fix Cydia dpkg locked error

There are four separate ways that you can go through to resolve this trouble right away. you can go through one of them and get rid of the issue.

  • iFile
  • Semi-Restore
  • iFunbox
  • iTunes


Compile a Windows machine and a proper cable to connect the device

Install OpenSSH on your iPhone or iPad

This method will not support devices running iOS 7.1. Make sure the device is between iOS 5 and iOS 7.0.6

Install .Net Framework 3.5 or later to the computer

Download Semi Restore latest version

Extract it right away

Launch Semi Restore and start the process

Connect the iDevice to the computer

Click the Semi Restore button once it will detect the connected device

The device might restart a couple of times during the process and will restore it perfectly


Install iFile on your device

Open iFile and press the Home button on your iPhone

And then go to “lib” folder and then “dpkg” folder orderly

And then open Updates panel of dpkg folder and delete everything right away

Return to dpkg and open and find out a file as 1111 or 000 and delete it as well

Now you can close iFile

Restart your iDevice


Prepare a Mac OS X or Windows PC

Install iFunBox to the computer

Click the device name at the bottom of iFunBox interface

Connect the iPhone to the PC

Select Raw File System option from My Device once it will open

And then double click and continue Var/lib/dpkg

Delete all files by navigating to dpkg > Updates folders respectively

And then find out the file tagged as 1111 or 000 from dpkg folder and delete it right away

Close iFunBox app and remove the iDevice

And then you have to put the device into a complete restart

How to add an email account to iPhone?

Although many users think that add an email account to their iDevice is complicated, it is just a simple thing and painless. In this story, we will tell you how easy to add an email account to iPhone. There are a few steps to follow. So it is truly quick and simple. All you have to make sure is that you accurately know the email address and very own email address. And remember that this is not something illegal or wrong. Even Apple too guided through this on its official website. If you need to confirm, you can refer to their official website for more info. However, since email means one of the essential things that you should keep closer, it is better to arrange it as follow. All your mails will be able to check right away just with a few clicks.

email account to iphone

Add an Email Account to iPhone

There are two main methods that a user can add an email account to their iDevice as automatically and manually. We will give you both guides as follow.

Add an email account automatically

This method can use if you are with Google, iCloud or Yahoo as an email provider, you can use this method to automatically arrange your email address to the device. Here is how?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone

Go to Passwords & Accounts

Select Add Account option

And then select the certain email provider

Now you have to set your email address and its password

Tap Next key to continue

A verification email will sent to the respective account

Select information from the email such as calendars or contacts

Finally, tap the Save button and save changes

email account to iphone

Add an email account manually

Whoever wishes to manually set up the email account on their iPhone or iPad must make sure that they already know settings to the email. Those who still do not have an idea about, better to contact the email provider or else look further.

Go to the Settings app of the device

Navigate to Passwords & Accounts

And then continually move by tap Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account

Now, give your details. Give your Name > Email > Password

And also, there should be a small description of your account

Use the Next button to move on

So the mail will find out its settings and manually add it respectively

Finally, use Done and end the process

How to install Cydia without jailbreak?

Install Cydia on an iPhone or iPad means jailbreak the device. It is the true meaning of setting up Cydia on an iDevice. But from time to time, developers offered a couple of options for users to collect app stores similar to Cydia, without serious conditions that many users did not agree thus far. Moreover, there are some iOS versions that do not have proper jailbreak versions. But, users of those editions wish to get closer to Cydia somehow. And there may be some more reasons for you to look forward to install Cydia without jailbreak. So this is for you. Let’s check out, how we can stay closer to Cydia even we are not jailbreaking users.

install Cydia

The truth about install Cydia without jailbreak

Before share methods that available to download Cydia on your iDevice without jailbreak, it is better to know the truth about the arrangement. In my opinion, you can never encounter amazing deals of Cydia with any other way, if you do not have jailbreak permission. Of course, you can go through methods like install IPA based files using Cydia Impactor. But they are a little far and even you do not have all the applications that you wish to have on your hands. However, being jailbroken and download Cydia would be the best as always.

Install Cydia without jailbreak

Here is how to reach Cydia features even without jailbreak. But remember that this is not about true Cydia download without jailbreak. This is everything about third-party methods that you can go through when your device does not have jailbreak permission.

There are app stores like AppValley, TweakBox, Panda Helper and more that call Cydia alternatives on the web. Of course, they offer tons of applications for users who are far from jailbreaking. You can collect apps, games, themes and all you wish to have using them that even Apple app store does not offer you.

And one more thing to share. If you wonder about Sileo as an alternative to Cydia, you better remember that it is the only true arrangement of jailbreakers to replace Cydia and it is not a package that you can download without jailbreak. You must have jailbreak permission even to download Sileo on your iPhone or iPad.

install cydia

Wrapping up

You can search the web for Cydia alternatives and download one of them on your device completely without jailbreak permission.